“Drug therapy for depression during pregnancy/lactation or bipolar disorder”

Many women come to our clinic for consultation regarding the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder (manic depression) with a view towards pregnancy.

Recently Dr. Hayakawa of the Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic Issha had the opportunity to chair a WEB Seminar featuring a lecture by Dr. Mako Morikawa (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Nagoya University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry for Parents and Children.)

The seminar involved a presentation about treatment for depression during the perinatal period-including drug therapy during pregnancy and lactation.

In her lecture, Dr. Morikawa carefully discussed the latest medical evidence-based treatment methods.  I would like to share with you the following:

• Many people have a strong resistance to drug therapy during pregnancy and lactation, but there are actually few drugs with evidence of obvious teratogenicity (substances that may cause birth defects via a toxic effect on an embryo or fetus) or fetal toxicity.

• In the treatment of depression after pregnancy and childbirth, the mental stability of mothers is an important treatment goal.

At our clinic, we can share the latest available information about treatment for depression during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, as well as post-partum depression and its treatment among patients, their families, and therapists.

It is important to discuss treatment policies and support plans for life and childcare with appropriate consideration of the mental health of the mother as well as the family as a whole.

The Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic Issha welcomes you to visit us if you need consultation regarding pregnancy and depression.

Dr. Norika Hayakawa MD, PhD

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