Which Antidepressants Cause the Fewest Sexual Side-effects?

Many people are unaware of the potential side effects of medications used to treat depression which is common amongst men and women. Fortunately, advanced pharmacological therapy offers a variety of medications that tend to have fewer sexual side effects.

Common complaints about anti-depressants include erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, a change in your desire for sex, and problems with orgasm and arousal.

There are a variety of medicines used to treat depression, however, not all are approved for use in Japan. Fortunately, there are medications available here that have fewer sexual side effects and The Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic Issha in Nagoya has a great deal of experience helping patients to find the medication that best suits each individual.

Sometimes one medication may be more suitable for a certain condition and therefore some strategies can be employed to identify the best therapy for each unique situation. In such instances, patience is required. Avoiding medication may mean that depression can return.

For example here are some strategies you might consider:

• Wait a few weeks to see if the symptoms subside
• Adjust the dosage of the medication
• Change medications
• Ask your doctor about medications that can improve sexual function

Needless to say all of the above should be considered in consultation with your doctor. Many people give up on antidepressants because they are concerned about the potential for side effects. However, everyone reacts differently to these medications, but with the proper care and consultation, most side effects can be diminished or ameliorated. At the Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic in Issha in Nagoya, we focus on your Quality of Life and seek the least invasive therapy that can help you live a better life.

For more information on antidepressants and sexual side effects see this article by The Mayo Clinic: