English-language Treatment at the Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic Issha

The Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic Issha provides treatment in English for a diverse range of nationalities.

We warmly welcome members of Nagoya’s foreign community who are experiencing symptoms of or have been diagnosed with mental health issues.

Here is a guide to help you understand the services we offer, the philosophy of our clinic, and some important details about scheduling an appointment.

Mental Health Care Services
We are a psychiatric clinic led by Dr. Norika Hayakawa, a psychiatrist. Our clinic offers diagnosis and treatment for various mental health issues, including ADHD, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, and others.

It’s crucial to note that we do not provide talk therapy (counseling) such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in English. Instead, our treatment approach involves pharmacological medication, nutritional assessment, and guidance.

Our philosophy revolves around enhancing the mental and physical quality of life for our clients. We consider metabolic influences on mental health and empower our patients to improve their mental well-being through practical measures in addition to pharmacological therapy.

During the diagnostic process, we assess the patient’s physical health through blood testing and electrocardiogram. Questionnaires are also conducted to determine appropriate treatment options. Dr. Hayakawa will discuss treatment and provide nutritional advice in consultation with the client.

Commonly Treated Mental Health Issues


Notably, Dr. Hayakawa is certified to prescribe Concerta (Methylphenidate), which is one of the most commonly prescribed medications used to treat ADHD. Not all people prefer this medication and or are candidates for this particular treatment, and other options are available.

Depression and Anxiety
While everyone experiences some level of depression and anxiety, for some, the chronic nature of these symptoms can significantly impact daily life. We explore the causes of these issues with the doctor and discuss available treatment options.

Our clinic is aware of the cultural stress factors that can contribute to depression, particularly for foreigners in the context of life and work in Japan. Although we don’t offer talk therapy, we consider cultural stress factors in diagnosis and treatment.

Sleep Disturbance
Quality sleep is essential for mental health, and many individuals suffer from sleep disturbance. Regardless of the cause, seeking treatment and advice can positively impact mental and physical health. We address sleep issues in the context of overall well-being, discussing practical changes to sleep habits and providing nutritional assessment and advice.

Other Mental Health Issues and Symptoms
Many individuals have symptoms that cross diagnostic guidelines. Assessment and feedback guide treatment options in coordination with the client. Patient feedback is prioritized at the Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic for positive mental health outcomes.

Learning Disabilities
While we offer assessment and treatment for learning disabilities for children, these are only conducted in Japanese by our staff psychologists. In some cases, we will accept patients for evaluation from non-native-speaking Japanese clients. However, each situation will be considered based on the resources available and the ability to assess the individual accurately.

We do provide ADHD assessments in English for children and teenagers on a case-by-case basis.

Admissions Policy

While we strive to be inclusive, as a clinic – we are not a hospital. As such, we may not have the resources to meet all patients’ needs. The severity of symptoms, the ability to conduct consistent treatment and follow-up, and the client’s commitment to self-care practices are determining factors.

First-Time Appointments

We accept four new patients per week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:15 and Thursday at 11:30. After your first appointment, you can schedule follow-up visits on different days and times during our business hours.

If you would like to make a reservation for an appointment in English, please call 070-1482-7582 during our business hours. In instances when this line is not reachable, please call the front desk at (052)704-5560 and ask for our English-speaking assistant to call you back.

Simply state your name and telephone number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Registration Fee

After making a reservation, you must visit the clinic within seven days and pay a non-refundable ¥3,500 registration fee to secure your appointment.

About Treatment for English-speaking Clients

Our clinic caters to a diverse clientele from Japan and around the world. Our English-speaking staff assists with registration, conducts initial pre-consultation interviews, explains clinic procedures, and answers your questions.

Dr. Hayakawa speaks English fluently and regularly studies the latest knowledge and research published in major scientific journals. Your initial interview, lasting approximately 20 minutes, addresses your needs and concerns and sets goals for treatment. During this appointment, we conduct a blood test and an electrocardiogram.

Getting to the Clinic

We are located one minute from Issha Station Exit 2 on the Higashiyama (yellow) subway line.

For visual directions in English, click HERE

Time Constraints

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. If unable to make it, call in advance at the numbers listed above. Please be considerate to ensure timely visits for all clients.

Your time is important to us, and we appreciate your cooperation.

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